Ghost Fu

Premiering at Intercon K

Twelve years ago the great Kung Fu tournament was just starting when the participants were murdered. Some contestants went to the Afterlife, but others found themselves with unfinished business. In the best tradition of Hong Kong movies, the contestants now return to finish the tournament.

You want to move on, but important questions remain unanswered:

Not a live combat but you will have oppertunities to shout interesting combat move names and pose dramatically. Or to watch people doing so as you plot and preen. A light hearted game of Action and Melodrama and the Afterlife in Red Silk.

Casting Questionaire

From Straightjackets Optional - the team that brought you Jamais Vue, Mad Scientists I and II: TPU Research Seminars, Day at the Bathes/Day at the Races, Hot Tub of Magic, and other fine games.